UBITX Build Part 1

The record player case is now modified for the radio and the main PCB is fitted. I have also made the power and antenna connections. I recommend using miniature coax for the antenna connections unless the connection is very short. I used a surplus length of RG316, but RG174 would also be fine. The radio will have the option of being powered by ten AA size high capacity NiMH cells. I ruled out using a sealed lead acid battery due to weight and environmental concerns. I considered using a lithium ion battery but also ruled it out due to cost and potential safety issues.
 UBITX build.
I have been cutting the front panel for the controls, sockets, display and ventilation. For marking out I always cover the metal panel with masking tape and mark it with a pen or pencil. The masking tape also protects the panel from damage if the panel does not already have a plastic film across it.
UBITX panel
To be continued.
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