UBITX 12V Power Supply

The UBITX transceivers are designed to run from a 12V DC regulated power supply, and consume around 2A at that voltage. Most power supplies designed for powering mobile transceivers provide 13.8V, which is generally accepted as the terminal voltage of 12V lead-acid battery on charge. The simplest way of getting 12V nominal from a 13.8V supply is to use a diode voltage dropper. A silicon rectifier diode has a typical forward voltage drop of around 0.9V, so two in-series would drop the required 1.8V. Rather than use two discrete diodes it is convenient to utilise a bridge rectifier.
Diode voltage dropper
A suitable silicon rectifier is the KBL02, which is rated at 4A, 200V.
I have been using a diode dropper with an old 13.8V 3-5A CB power supply.